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Oak Village Persians and Exotics cost to run the breeding and showing cattery where does the adoption money go towards…

🌹 Newborn Persian kittens require around the clock care not only from their feline mommies but from nurturing  responsible adult humans.  They can scratch and head butt each other  off from nursing  and/ or their mother can innocently neglect them causing starvation.  They must stay warm but also not be smothered by being laid temperature must be just right or mom will get hot and will lie away from her newborns, Supervision plus midwifing  is required during birthing  so sleepless nights will accumalate during breeding season. . The Mothers must bond shortly after giving birth to assist in  bringing up the baby. The kitten does want his furry mom for 2-3 months, but then  must learn to love human affection  as well  to ensure  that  he/she  will want  lots of love from a human when mom decides it's time to wean them .  When they are older and left alone perhaps several hours   by their human companions.... they  usually get very lonely,  it is possible for an  an illness to arise  from  the stress of being alone.,  as  they do thrive on affection. We do recommend a daily health acessment, so not leaving one alone for a long time is imperative..  Therefore, the formulative months are very important!  It is not hard to see why our time must be paid for to stay with each kitten virtually around the clock.

🌹By about 1- 2 weeks of age, the need to change out bedding and washing  it  on a daily basis arises to keep the babies and mom clean. Bedding,  cat trees cleaning these items frequently aid in keeping all cats and kittens clean and infection free. Using our washer & dryer each day more than the usual does cause the  appliance much more wear and tear, so  it will wear out much earlier than the norm  and we will need to purchase replacement parts for it  sooner than later. Also we have  lots of bare floors and have purchased two robotic vaccums to help with all the stuff that kittens and their mothers add. to  regular dust and debrie. Cost and  Maintenance of items we need for cleaning:  includes  mops, buckets, cleaning products, and hiring a weekly cleaning person or cleaning crew  is a  weekly  expense for our cattery. We have  several vaccums that we have purchased for animal hair  and clean up none of the  vaccums have been inexpensive.   A human will need  to teach  litter- training by 4 weeks of age  most  kittens. catch on easily.  Most kittens do not know how to clean their own bottom and a human will need to assist every day.. If a kitten does not catch on immediately for litter training I will need to assist with that to. Will need to purchase litter training products. Plus keep a daily eye on the one that struggles.... breeders do concur that young kittens, when still together with their litter, mates are incredibly messy with food and litter getting on their tail and feet.   Thus, it is necessary to clean the environment and the kittens throughout each day.  I must clean the entire house top to  bottom and each litter box gradually  twice per day.  (I have herniated disc in my neck  which slows me down to say the least, and causes chronic pain syndrome making  it necessary to lay down often, fortunately I am getting some treatment  but it is not enough and certainly is not a cure, When I think i have time for myself I realize  more general stuff needs to be done  plus grooming ... it's a full time job for more than 2 cats. I love being a doting mom   and playing a lot  with cats and kittens. is a lot of fun and must be done.   Many customers request taking kittens home early by as little as 8 weeks of age, this is not an appropriate time frame for a kitten at all the breed needs at least 12 weeks to be with their mother then an additional 4 weeks with me to .  and  their mommies and us ample time to get them more independent .  Waiting for a kitten that is well brought up is well worth the wait!!

🌹By four weeks of age, each lovely  Persianand Exotic  kitten must learn to enjoy having every inch of their fur combed daily in order that it does not matt and cause a skin infection.  Combing one or two Persians per day is quick and easy.  Combing a whole cattery daily is a career!  There is also important time consuming measures that are  required to prevent still birth and misscarriages from happening.


🌹Having new bloodlines sometimes is an absolute must for all ethical breeders in order to prevent inbreeding of close relatives since that type of breeding  does shorten the lifespan and increase medical problems tremendously.  It is not a myth nor an Old Wive's Tale.  Preventing inbreeding is imperative! I have always bought new blood lines from the first start day of my cattery and this  is a very expensive  start up cost to incur. Good pedigrees  back in 2009 were at 2000.00 to 3600.00 now a days minimum is 4,000-5,000 to 15,000 for good to excellent pedigree.... plus transportation fees to get the cat may be in the area of 500.00-1000.00 to 2500.00. I have learned that even  cats not related to each other at all can  not totally eliminate  a life threatening health problem entirely but it certainly  does   keep  life threatening health issues at an exceptionally  low number, So  it is an important per year  to evaluate your cattery lines. Which some of your fees may rightfully be going towards!  Keep in mind we strive to keep an eye out for very  beautiful Persian and Exotics with exceptional pedigrees those types of pedigrees with the right  features are very important to  strive towards meeting  high standards from The Cat Fancy Association. Whether it's money from adoption or our out-of-pocket,...  money will be spent  to keep pure lines from  disappearing from the United States for future generations.

🌹All Persians and Exotics must be bathed and properly conditioned this does pertain to every cat in household one to two times per month, kittens require  a weekly basis  or every day during weaning phase as their delicate stomach produces a mess on their bottom many times until tummy gets use to soilid food versus mother's milk and show cats have to be bathed grroomed and conditioned every  1-2 times per week. this is very time consuming and takes a toll on my chronic health & pain issue.

🌹The prevention of disease through cleanliness and reliable affection/ attention is required in order for us to preserve these wonderful felines .  There are no contracts guaranteeing we will have one or more litter every month. We will  have to pay for an emergency C-section whick is a cost of 1000.00 to 4000.00 and up. no guarantee any kittens will survive from that.. Will definitely need a human mom as the furry mother may be to weak to nurse during her recovery.  Bottle feed each and every newborn constantly!    Some of you wonder.  Isn't it cheap and easy to breed cats? and they don't need human assistance?  The answer to these questions about taking care of cats and  kittens is they need round the clock care. and everything they  need will need to be supplied. Just like yourself  you must  be perfect every day  being groomed and well taken care of is very time consuming and is not  easy or cheap. Persians and Exotics  are a high maintenance breed when one has more than just one or two .  We strive to preserve some of what we deem to be God's best handiwork from around the globe.  This takes time and funding, to say the least!  But to break it down simply:

🌹 Say one elegant Persian or Exotic   is on hold this is  if their ready to be put on hold or  at  least 13 to 16 weeks of age. and it's okay to take deposit or payment ... depending on development of the kitten and then this scenario is possibly  going to be paid over 1-4 months. It's difficult for someone not in our situation to understand that we don't bring in any money for 6-8 months.  To breed and have a successful  pregnancy  then  raising  the litter is all based on uncertainty. During half the year or more  we will use 2-3  credit cards  to stay afloat we will definitely be  paying interest  at  26 & 27%  for several months with this interest rate we will never get ahead. We ask kindly that you do not ask us to lower our pricing. 

🌹The proper diet is expensive with more than one  or two cats.... but imperative! prevaccines, vaccinations, deworming, and spaying/ neutering alone can easily total $600 per kitten in each litter! we haven't even added vet visits , miscellaneous items, feeding, and so much more..we usually take in 0 dollars until kitten is ready to be placed.. which is a  time frame of 4-6 months from birth....showing period per year can  almost be available all 12 months out of the year! however there is not more than two shows near us so in order for us to get winning titles for our cats things will really add up !   travel  by car or airplane is the most  used way to travel. Then there are  fees to show cats and kittens, in the organization. Hotel cost for at least two nights sometimes three nights is needed..., food for us and the cats then  car rental .Miscellanous items toys, litter, show curtains, show cages, water & food dishes.... Some people that show their cats spend over 26,000 per year or more. We have spent over 6,000  to 10,000  easily per 6-8  month of showing. 

🌹Now, please keep in mind that as each luxurious Persian and Exotic  kitten is being paid for, that is going towards the provisions of our State licensing fee and   to pay registered cattery organization fees /litter registration  and more  fees are accumalating as well. .  Most of the time only one kitten has been reserved, Then we have to patiently wait  for the others to be reserved, every single feline still requires ample food, vitamin supplements and much care while waiting  for that wonderful day of adoption. Supplements  to keep their eyes,  coats  +overall  maintenance of healthy cats and kittens adds up while waiting! Good reliable  vet care and emergency vet cost will include the following vaccinations, deworming, medications, health exams, testing, and DNA testing, someone could require surgery so a fund is set aside for surgery cost which can cost from 2,000 to 4,000 and up to 8,000 in one unexpected surgery cost can happen  without any warning.  depending on the surgery hospital stay may need to be required. Clean bedding/ laundry detergent, a clean environment/ cleaners, toys, furniture, etc… is required every day so i will spend hours cleaning and doing laundry every day.

🌹 Adequate Space!!!  We do not believe in caging pets ever except for the purposes of travel and for preventing the spread of something serious and contagious.  We personally use bedrooms and large rooms in basement when needed to separate cats in order to prevent unwanted mating.  Cats that are allowed outdoors have been shown to live significantly shorter lives.  That is why our cats are strictly indoor only, and we find it crucial to allow our cats and kittens plenty of space to roam, frolic, play and explore!  Therefore, of course the fees Do go towards space.  We could easily reside somewhere smaller if we were not a registered and state licensed cattery, We consistly think of a cats  and kittens well being.

🌹 There are no contracts guaranteeing we will have one or more litters each month. The breed we work with is not a breed that procreates frequently nor easily. We will not be blessed with every kitten surviving in each  litter. Even a whole litter can perish. No one can promise we will never have to pay for an emergency C-section nor need to bottle feed each and every newborn constantly!  We cannot rely on each customer to always pay on time nor to buy in a timely manner.  So, if one adds up all of the above factors/ expenses and considers also that our Persians and Exotics require space to roam and a place to shut the door when mating, delivering, and when nursing young ones, I think you will discover it is actually pretty miraculous that any cattery survives!  People do not get wealthy from breeding cats. State breeder license is a must to have in order to not break the law. Unfortunately there are breeder's that think they do not need to be licensed.  Every litter born requires a  Litter permit. The permit cost   262.00 per litter permit . This is  required in the city of Aurora.    We are not  a wealthy business, were not a business at all....   but the outsiders  see our hobby differently because they do not have the facts!  After 8 years of showing a very small amount of kittens & cats and raising small litters we  still have a negative balance. If you do choose to adopt a precious pet from us  we  Thank you for  lovingly supporting the breed we love and cherish and that we want to help preserve  it in our cageless   cattery that takes up most of our house, time, and money. There are still many many costs & fees that I have not mentioned,  Also  picture and video taking and rearranging and updating our website takes extreme about of our time. Please do not support breeders who put their pets in small  cages and do not give them adequate space and affection, All need to roam and interact! All supplies must be  provided at  all times that  we spoke about and are absolutely necessary!!!