We are a small cage-less  DNA PKD negative Cattery that is licensed by the State of Colorado and registered with CFA.

 When  inquiring about a kitten or retired adult cat please tell me your name and  about yourself. We raise our kittens and cats  with lots of love and attention in a clean healthy evironment this takes a lot  of time every day and it is costly.  We are a private breeder that chooses to help preserve and better  a specific breed that is recognized by the Cat Fancy Association so our Cats, and litters are registered with CFA, also we have to obtain a litter permit for each litter born here . The cost is 262.00 per litter.(it  does not matter if it is 1 or 5 kittens) The permit has to be purchased at the Aurora animal shelter. We follow the  State of Colorados  rules and guidlines. A State licesence is $300 per year.   You may be wondering how much time will be spent each day scooping, feeding, watering, petting, combing, checking on kittens, cats and newborns if we have them,  sweeping, moping, doing laundry will take  each day...,   it's anywhere from 5-6 hours per day for basic necessities. Add in trying to get a perfect picture of a cat or kitten and updating your website pages, and answering msg....   Once we have Queens  ready to mate this will need our attention too. We need to keep an eye on a pregnant  queen as well  when she is closer to giving birth we will  need to stay at  home...even going to the store can be a challenge one of us must be home at all times.... this is imperative, the day she goes into labor could  be an all day & night event.This is a fulltime job... so if you do work outside of your home... and can't be a home body & do not have someone to stay home...i do not recommend this  hobby for you....When a cat is in labor it is unpredictable as to how things will go....an "OK" situation  can turn suddenly  into   an emergency situation of either a baby getting stuck or your queen needing an emergencyvisit to  your veterinarian, any medical procedure will be  quite costly!  After the birthing, the work with the  older  kittens and cats is still there to do!! So the day  is not  a  9-5! it is an all the time when needed type of job!  Please  don't forget bathes + grooming cats & kittens  is required every week. I'm the fulltime  groomer too...I do not have a staff for anything.... Occasionally I have  hired a cleaning person  one day  per week to help... this is very costly at  200.00 per visit....they  will  only  sweep and mop minimal areasfor that cost. So my husband and I   are left cleaning the house top to bottom several times per week...  we do not bring in  much money on a regular basis to help afford all supplies  or for a  cleaning  person, so we are constantly paying out of pocket expenses . Each kitten or Adult kitty placed  is  tracked by the City and State as when we place the State inspector will ask us for that information. We have never  made any profit.  Veterinarian care when needed is an absolute must...just  an office  visit is anywhere from $45 to $65 and up, if any medicine is precribed, or ultrasound,  xray is needed  the visit turns out to be quite expensive, as we all know medical care in not cheap or free.  Also  every kitten or adult cat must have  a health inspection before placing in a new home price for this does vary from vet office to vet office. Also it takes  time out of my day to visit the vet. Prices for our kittens do vary ...pricing starts at 750.00 , 1200.00 to 1650.00 these prices are subject to change. Sometimes they are adjusted because of extra cost adding up to raise them... sometimes due to slow economy/slow placement of kittens and then  we are forced to reduce our price for a kitten or adult cat.as it isn't guaranteed we will have the perfect buyer at the right  times when needed. If we want to be out of our home more than 3 hrs at a time we have to hire a  pet sitter they charge $40 -$50 per day and will do the bare minimum only of scooping and feeding. We do not ship are kittens or cats in  air cargo it has been banned by several airlines due to the fact that cargo is in  the bottom of the aircraft  and isn't the safest area for an animal. We have used a pet nanny/attendant to hand deliver the kitten or cat safely to the new owner... the cost does vary  from $450 and up.this cost may only cover the passenger ticket. Airline  carriers do  charge a separate fee for a one-way ticket for the pet which may be  $100 to $150 for almost anywhere  in the  USA. I do not transport Internationally. 

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