We are a small cage-less  DNA PKD negative Cattery that is licensed by the State of Colorado 

 When  inquiring about a kitten or retired adult cat please tell me your name and  about yourself, if you just say "Hey is he still available ? "Your email or text will not be answered. We raise our kittens with a lot of love in a clean healthy evironment this takes a lot  of time. We hire a cleaning service to help us and this cost is 200.00 per week. Also each litter needs a permit  to be sold and tracked by the City and State. This cost is 262.00 per litter. .  We also seek Veterinarian care when needed & for advice and for a health inspection pric eis $65 and up. Prices for our kittens do vary and are 1200.00 to 16500.00 We do not ship in air cargo it has been banned by several airlines due to the fact that cargo is in  the bottom of the airplane. We use a pet nanny/attendant to hand deliver  the cost is from $400 and up. Airline  carrier charges a separate charge for a one-way ticket for the pet which is $100 to $150 for almost anywhere  in the  USA only. 

  References are given upon  request  

Please email oakvillagepersian@comcast.net or Oakvillage@yahoo.com

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