Testimonial from  Pei  2016/2017

Thank you Carol for all the helpful information! We really appreciate your considerate help and will take good care of the kitten as you do. See you on Tuesday night.

Testimonials from Families that adopt our kitties


 "We've gotten three cats from Carol and they are the greatest and sweetest cats!  We love our kitties and would recommend a cat from Carol to anyone."
Rebecca Rushmore 


 Placed with Donna in Arizona  


 Placed in Co. Springs 2016 


 Placed in  Denver Colorado  


 Placed in Parker Co. 2016. 


Below is a testimonial from a great family that adopted an 18 month old Persian from us!



Hi Carol!

I wanted to let you know that Benny is doing great.   We just had him to the vet for a yearly checkup and he is 9.7lbs!
He has turned into a little love and has become fast friends with our other male Persian, Pippin.   I'll attach a photo so you 
can see the two boys.



 I recently purchased a kitten from Carol and had such an amazing experience that I would like to write a review. I was looking to get a cat that was affectionate and liked being around people. I’ve had cats in the past and waited years to get another because none of them liked to be held or were very affectionate. So when looking for a kitty I wanted to make sure I found one that was social and also good with kids. The kitty that I purchased from Carol is hands down the best cat I’ve ever had or ever even met. She is sweet, loves to be held, pet, cuddled. Whenever I leave the room she follows me because she loves to be around people. She will sit on my lap for long periods of time while I pet her. She also allows my young daughter to pick her up and plays with her. I’ve contacted Carol several times for information on Persian cats because it’s my first time owning one and she always gets back to me quickly and answers any questions I have and more. I would absolutely recommend Carol to anyone looking to purchase a Persian cat. Thanks Carol! 
Kristen Haney


Hello and Merry Kittymas!

 Here is our special kitty...Flint Fireforge. He's such a big boy now. He currently weighs 9.4lbs and is doing great. He is so loving and fits right into our family. We love him to death. 
Thanks again for such a terrific kitty. 
The Simpkins family. December  2016 

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 Pure Persian male placed with Beverly in Aurora Co. 11/2017 



 Exotic Shorthair Silver Tabby placed 11/2017 in Denver, Co 





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