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Adoption Application: 
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Phone #: *
Please tell us your email address *
Please describe the type of home you have to offer to one of our Oak Village kittens or retired adult cats? * Please note are cats are indoor pets only.

Do you have Children? If the answer is “Yes” please list their ages and if they have been around long hair and short hair cats before.
Does everyone in your  home enjoy cats?                     Has everyone living in your home been consulted about getting a  new pet?            The Persian & Exotic breed does enjoy lots of human companionship and does not prefer being left alone for extended periods of  time. Can you and your family give a kitten or cat lots of attention?
Do you or  anyone living in your home have allergies to cats? _______
if the answer is “Yes”  Has your doctor  evaluated the   symptoms? If not please do this  before considering the purchase of a  cat.   Persians and Exotics are not an Hypoallergenic breed.
Have you owned  a Persian or an Exotic cat before? _________  Have you owned  any long hair or short hair type breed?______
Will  you be planning  to groom the kitten/cat yourself_____ or will you take the kitten/cat to a groomer? _____________
Have you ever trimmed a kitten/cats  nails before? _________
Trimming nails is pretty  simple for me to do...  would you like to be shown how to trim a cats nails?_______
If you do decide to purchase a kitten/cat  from us, you will receive a packet of information about current food,future food,info on how-to- change food for your kitten/cat. Water fountains, food dishes, toys, beds, cat scratching post,combs, brushes, shampoo, conditioner, litter, litter box type. Scissors for grooming, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, bathing instructions.

What  type  and/or  number of pets do you have in your home? Please list *

Our kittens are mainly  sold as "Pets"     We have a spay/neuter contract for the buyer  to sign, it states as to when a kitten should be  spayed or neutered would that be a problem for you to agree to? * Please select... Yes or No
 Adult retired show cats offered without breeding rights may already be spayed or neutered upon going to their new home.If not the new owner will have 30 days after purchase to spay or neuter the cat and send us proof from their veterinarian.
We disagree with declawing as it is very painful to tendons. We have learned that a  cat’s litter box  may possibly change from being declawed (i.e. the cat may stop using the litter box due to irreversible pain in tendons after declawing).   Can you agree not to “declaw” a  kitten or cat purchased from us.  Please select... Yes or No
If you go against our advice of “ Not  to Declaw” we are not responsible for any  outcome.
We recommend you have a small scratching  post in your home  before you bring your kitten home. Toys with catnip for your kittens/cat is very entertaining. Having a good veterinarian to “consult”with  is a very important part of owning a pet.
Please give us your Veterinarian’s name, address, phone number.
If you  have not chosen  a veterinarian , please check your local listings of offices  near you. Ask for references,check pricing as we have noticed veterinarian’s prices vary for their services.
Oak Village Persians and Exotics  Policies and information
Info about  a deposit: A deposit  is taken in good faith to hold a kitten or Cat  for you and all other potential buyers will be turned away.  Deposits are accepted through our Paypal or square account with  fees added,I cannot waive the paypal fee so please do not ask me to do this as I could be audited. If you wish you may send  a money order  through regular mail, or cash in person.  Deposit amounts are subject to change,  can range from  100.00 or  250.00 or from 25 to  50% of the purchase price depending on the kitten that is being held. Deposits  are  non-refundable. Only time a deposit will be returned is In the event due to  an unforeseen situation such as death or if  incurable illness occurs with the kitten being held and is still in our possession . The deposit would be “returned”  by regular mail within 30 days.So please provide your mailing address.  We do not accept personal checks or certified bank checks. Money orders are sold  from a grocery store  or a  Wal-mart or bank. Other method include Cash in person or cash payment sent to our  Paypal or Square account with fee of 3 % added and fee due is  paid  from  buyer.  If a Credit cards is manually typed in  on  Paypal or square  fee varies from   3 to 4% charge.No exceptions of waiving the Paypal or Square fee as of May 4th 2017.

Safety note: Young kittens do not understand “height” and will jump from a balcony or from a  high set of stairs, also washer & dryers pose great risk of the kitten/cat getting trapped inside.Always keep Washing machine & Dryer doors closed if they are left open check inside before turning the machines on. Toilet lids should be closed at all times as they pose great danger to  young kittens drowning.
About shipping: We no longer ship through Air Cargo or any grounfd service that is deemed unsafe for our breed.. We are near Denver International airport and do not mind driving out to meet someone fee is $40. Toll road charges and airport parking fees do apply and are included in the $40 charge.
How did you did you find  us as we pay for advertisement and it helps us to know where to advertise our kittens.         
Was it a friend or family  that recommended you to us? ____________ Please let us know who?, so we can “Thank them”

We are a small ethical hobby breeder that is registered with CFA,Cat fancier Association. For the best possible  healthy  start for a kitten we are not going to  place them in a home until they have had shots up to 12-13-16 weeks of age. Persians and Exotics growth/size does vary, some  need to be with their Mother & breeder longer as they are a slow maturing breed. In some circumstances a kitten may need to wait to be placed until they are a full 16-24 weeks old. This breed has to be  dewormed several times and the breeder will do this. We recommend  the new owner to have the kitten examined by their choice of  veterinarian  within 2 business days of  new ownership as this ensures the buyer has been sold a healthy kitten. To protect ourselves we will have the kitten evaluated by our Veterinarian office before the new owner takes possession.  If the new owner wants any additional testing such as Feline Leukemia snap test, fecal test, the test may be ordered but  will be at the new owner’s expense and Veterinarian  charges will vary and are subject to change.
We are not a Commercial breeder/business and are operating at a loss every year as we do not bring in money on a monthly basis. But we do have high cost of  monthly expenses for maintenance for our  cats and when  we have  kittens all maintenance cost will increase. Health care , the best diet for overall  health is expensive , the cost of unexpected c-sections does arise with our breed  and many other miscellaneous items will be needed throughout the year…  we ask that you do not ask us to adjust any of our prices for our kittens or Adult Cats for adoption.
Please  fill  out form completely, scan it and email, or copy and paste please send completed form  to or

Any other information you might like to share with us is always welcomed.